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Swedish massage is firm and invigorating and helps ease any aches and pains you may
suffer with, improves circulation and promotes relaxation. After your consultation you will be
asked to remove your clothing (except underpants) in privacy and make yourself comfortable
on the massage couch - a large towel will cover your body. During the treatment, only the
part of the body being massaged will be exposed. A plant-based oil will be applied to your
skin to allow the therapist's hands to move freely. The areas massaged in the routine are the
legs, arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks and back, although this can be adapted to suit your
requirements or preferences.

Swedish massage is a system of stroking, pressing, and kneading areas of the body in
order to restore vitality. Massage is an ancient and simple form of therapy as it is an
instincutal way of relieving muscle tension and relaxing the body and mind. Touch is the
sensation that forms the first method of communication we receive from the moment we are
born, and throughout life embraces and other forms of physical contact comfort us. Therefore
massage is a source of emotional nourishment, as touch is essential for overall well-being.

A typical Swedish massage usually consists of five types of moves. They can be used in any
order and is part of the basics of Swedish massage.

1. Effleurage - making lond and gliding strokes along the body. The rubbing and pushing
of the muscles helps you relax plus reduce tension and stress levels. It has many other
health benefits as well such as increase circulation of blood flow to the heart. Great for the
upper back, neck and shoulders. This is the most common move use in many massages.

2. Petrissage - simply put this techniques looks like you are kneading dough. It works on
your muscles tension and unwind. The kneading and squeezing motion of this technique
gets rid of and smooth out any sort of lumps or impure substances from the muscle so it will
be efficient once more.

3. Tepotement - this is the gentle pounding of the body like the motion you are
drumming. There are many ways to form your hands for the drumming. The way you form
your hand produces a different sound from slapping to chopping to cupping. This is very
noisy move and is usually used at the end of a massage session as it helps wake you up if
you became sleepy.

4. Vibration - this is the rhythmic and rapid shaking of the body. Great for the neck and
shoulders. Normally this is done by a therapists' hands but there are now devices that
provide the same vibration from cushions and chairs. It has a very good feeling sensation and
you can fall asleep to this very easily.

5. Friction - this is worked on your muscle fibers and is done using circular or
perpendicular motions.

The use of oil also help in creating friction. It is commonly used in Swedish massage. What
type of massage oil that is used depends on the masseuse. It can be as simple as plain old
regular oil or they can be scented. Besides creating friction, the oil also helps in stretching of
the muscles.

Swedish massage is an excellent way to relax you muscles and get them ready operating
in a faster amount of time.

Benefits of a Swedish Massage

+ Relieves stress and anxiety by teaching body to relax
+ Improves muscle tone and circulation
+ Reduces stiffness and eases joint pains
+ Stimulates nervous system
+ Replenishes energy
+ Soothing and comforting experience which enhances well-being
massage mindfulness yoga chi gung hypnotherapy sutton coldfield
massage mindfulness yoga chi gung hypnotherapy sutton coldfield
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