massage mindfulness yoga chi gung hypnotherapy sutton coldfield
massage mindfulness yoga chi gung hypnotherapy sutton coldfield

Your mind
Dr Sukhdev Singh MD FRCP
Holistic Consultant Physician

My medical and Holistic training
I'm qualified in Medicine at the University of Leeds in 1986, and spent time in research at
the University of Birmingham studying some aspects of molecular biology in gastrointestinal
cancers. With colleagues I have also conducted research and published articles on
Hypnotherapy in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Exercise in IBS, and more recently Healing
therapy in IBS and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).
I have also had training in some complementary therapies, and teach Mindfulness based
stress reduction. I have been working at Good Hope Hospital since 1997 as a Consultant
Physician and Gastroenterologist, and my qualifications include: Bsc, MBChB (Hons), MD,
FRCP, Dip Integ Med.

Who might benefit from consultation?
If you need help to reagain your health and recognise your own role in achieving this, then a
holistic consultation will benefit you.
Our body has the ability to self-heal; for this to happen it needs to be supported with good
nourishment, sufficient rest and avoidance of negative and detrimental thinking patterns.
For this to happen, courage and determination is required to make changes to lifelong habits
and entrenched thinking.
I am happy to try to help whichever part of your body is affected, or if it is more general
problem such as excess anxiety, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, ...

What's my motivation?
At The Holistic Practice I hae the opportunity to combine the benefits of both Conventional
and Complementary medicine approaches. We also have resident practitioners providing a
wide range of therapies.

Money! This is also an opportunity for me to return something to our Society, from which I
have benefitted greatly. Any fees received will be donated to the charity I support, "Yvonne's
5 minute angels". A minimum donation of £101 per consultation is recommended (less in